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dream of 7.6.2014

POV: I was a child/young teen? that had some sort of special power/ability things, and first remembered scene: computer under tree, in wide empty area; had to rearrange a vine-growing clover n another growing vine by digging-up-and-replanting, then could use the comp.

First actual scene: hiding out in a room, first alone, then with nother special-child, from the folks who wantedto use us for some weapons. Back corner of room, under coats; then, as room shifted/closed, there were three of us. In a pile, our sigils: we each had a separate object that represented us/what we were to be/what we were raised into. I admired a few of them, especially a beautiful book: it was made of stone and cut into a book shape, with like a gothic-window-shape or prayer-rug-shaped outside, pale dusky blue stone against creamy granite. Intricate, detailed. I complimented the boy to whom it belonged, n brief conversation. I admired one object also that was by own (forgot that by now). Then it was time to go.

Went out and out was a big, vault-ceilinged building, with massive stairwells perfectly kept, all marble and showy. Perfect lines of perfect children were going to places, and there was an air of an assembly that should be happening.

But there was also a rebellion thing going on, striking now, and I (got?) separated from the others, and ran through the building, trying not to get caught. I hid in a cranny behind a staircase, a small room just opposite the downwell of one staircase, and I thought it would work all through guards coming down all the way until a kid creeped by and alerted the guards (little tattletale).

Then the guards came; was this woman guard who was really quite nasty, triumphant. Weapons were these laserguns; she trained it on me and told me to hold my hand up. Didn’t want to. (Had audience by this time?) Finally did, left hand, and she zapped a hole straight through it. Read from a list of punshiments, rubbed it in my face, and, when the kid, trying to ingratiate himself with her, moved around me, aimed past me and shot him too. Back to me, reading the possible punishments, then stopped and told me,


This wasn’t to save me, it was because she wanted to hit me running. I ran, and first shot on the stairwell – missed – second shot from above on downwards stair – missed; slid/ran into a room that turned into a dorm of teen girls (also raised here in hopes of a power), now empty n forlorn with nostuff, and clamber out window. Nother shot from above, then I hid under an eaves/balcony and ran off.

Outside, everything was chaos. Quasimilitary and The People everywhere, trying to put an end to the stuff in the building, only resistance, so they couldn’t. I went to one place holding my hand carefully – still had a perfectly-cauterized red hole through it (not seethrough hole, filled in by blood, but still couldn’t use it), and found myself on one quasimil carrier/car/thing, talking to people about my exp. Dude (who was a dick) didn’t believe me, and kept on with denigrating remarks and laughing with his buds. Sick of this shit – n besides, I had more power than him, so what – I left n started across street. Carriers started moving then, and I jumped up on a steel flat that was dragged behind one carrier. Didn’t realize at first, but nother carrier just behind it was trying to crush me between them. I tried to avoid that, n finally got off carrierback and ran acrosst to a street-corner.

On street-corner, among chaos, was a wound-tending; one woman was cutting the softened hand-bones of another woman, who was being held by a third. The second was striking – wriggly blonde hair and viper-face – and was supposed to be the third woman – mild, brunette –‘s lover. But with psychosis spreading in brown strings under her chin and through her body, they had to cut the psychosis out – and thus the memories of loving the other woman. The viper-mad-woman was silent a bit, then accepted it, and the shears cut out the long strings of brown (really coagulated blood) from under her skin, and with each cut she lost more memory.

A scene cut – there was a blue flash at a door to a huge, ancient building; a wizard-guy had his hands up, opening the door. He’d had the door shut for many years, trying to protect the ones inside from being taken by the forces (above). Inside, peeking in the building, I saw several special-children people, but grown, and strapped into chairs to keep them safe (ostensibly). They were overgrown with their own powers; the viper-woman, by the entrance, ‘s chin was covered in brown lines of psychosis, and her eyes were mad. Others were strapped into their chars, with signs of their power overgrowing them like vines.


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