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See, I right here was justabout to make a long, thoughtful, and soul-searching entry, when I realized .... oh. It's Mood!Lite - the pre-period little-mood that I sometimes fall into for no reason other than hormones.

So I'll spare you the TMI and just focus on what really matters. And, because I've been in front of a screen almost consecutively from 9AM to 3 PM, I'mma do it in bullets:

+ writing is back :D I am so happy about this it is unbelieveable. I've got so many ideas, you guys! I've got so many ideas.

+ I am still teaching. no no, spare me the shock and surprise. I don't wanna dwell on it. it's a job. it gives me money. Not much, mind you, but I can squirrel most of it away.

+ still job-searching, too. that is a laugh and a half, I can tell you. maybe one day when I'm less inclined toward fantastical amounts of bitterness I'll tell you about it, but haha I can tell you now: today is not that day :D

+ I'm spending too much time on imgur. I'm trying to cut down on my computer time in general, and for the most part I'm succeeding - an hour after work, an hour before bed, bam. That should be all. But then imgur comes along and provides mindless easy lulz. Don't do it, Pico D:

+ I'm getting fitter, which pleases me. Still can't get past 90lb on the bench press, sonofabitch, but at least I'm up to a decent number of reps on lower weights. going to keep pushing. My eventual goal: benching my body weight +5, because that's a bar plus one forty-five on either side.

+ it is so goddamn beautiful where I live - discounting the heat and humidity - that I desperately do not want to go back to China to live now.

+ I'm trying another one of those speeddate things this Wednesday, this one international-themed. Haha? let's see how that pans out.

+ overall, and teaching aside, it's nice to be able to have a dependable schedule that doesn't make me work weekends. I like knowing when I have time, and that I'll never be deluged at the end of a semester (and if I am, it's never for longer than a day). I like this kind of life-rhythm, and I could certainly live with this kind of thing - workweek and weekend - for a bit.

+ Kinda want to continue my spanish learning. (all six weeks that I learned it in China ... didn't I LJ about that? No? later.) my school teaches lessons for teachers half-price - $180/month edit: the teacher price'd be $180/6wk TuTh, which is pretty reasonable. considering it.

+ experimenting with chinese cookery. trying out red-cooking this weekend! ( http://redcook.net/2008/01/18/hong-shao-rou-red-cooked-pork/ or http://thewoksoflife.com/2013/08/red-cooked-pork-hong-shao-rou-grandmas-version/ , alongside steamed-then-garlic-sauced Chinese broccoli, maybe egg-and-bitter-melon, and rice (possibly with extra fried rice for the boys' stomachs) .) we shall see if I can do it! (well, more like: we shall see if it tastes as delicious as I know it can be.)

.... yeah, muffin more to report here. Going to go off and clean my room now. (Oh yeah, that's one other thing I've been doing. It's working - I have more floor than I did, which is always nice.) feeling better already! (though that could be the fish oil at work. O Oil Of The Fishes, Thou Art Indeed Magniferous! Thenks :D)

peace out kids :D
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