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The State of the Pico

Kids, I realize a lot of my posts recently have been wharrgarbl posts. Sorry bout that, I know it's not too terrifically entertaining, and as we all know the reason Pico writes this LJ is to entertain the five people who still follow me, right?


In overall, though, I do want to reassure you kids: I'm mostly-overall fine. I do have to admit: Mood is striking a whole lot more often nowadays than it usually does, which I put down to my interest in/dating a new person. Nota Bene: I'm really quite very exceedingly interested :D Apparently my brain takes it cue from that to "oh hey, so if you're happy when he's around, that makes you unhappy when he's not around?" No, brain, fuck you. Fuck yuuuuu.

So apparently this kicks into Mood. I'mma be going to a new family doctor (new because until now I've been with our old doctor who's ... a pediatrician), and I'll be getting checked up and out and over and all that for all the important stuff, and I'll also have a chance to talk to him about Mood, its frequency and reasons, and so on. Which is good - despite I know this is a bit triggered by hormones, I also wanna to have this talked about with a professional.

Other half of things: the job search goes on, and is in fact ramping up. God, I want to be using my Chinese and my international knowledge and the stuff I'm interested in, instead of just floating on by on a job that, while I can do with a high level of competence, I am also tired of. But then of course there's waiting and rejections and all sorts of fun stuff.

Blah blah blah, Pico, stop complaining. Sorry, kids, my brain's focusing on two major things right now, and they're kind of taking over my attention.

So there's that. At least writing is working when it works? I like that. Wanna that to continue. Trying to continue that when I can. Whee.

TL;DR: Here is a summary of my current life in .gifs:

The way wharrgarbl affects me:

My flaily flaily flails:

When Mood happens:

Me keeping my emotions in check:

Moar flails:

Just everything in general:
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