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Wow. Had some fantastical dreams. All very involved. Here is what I can remember:

+ dreamt that, even while I was desperately trying to avoid spoiling myself for Korra, I had watched glimpses of it: there was some sort of thing happening where they were changing time - there were no stars in the arctic sky, and there were ways of pausing and resuming time for battle; there was one scene of someone whose head had changed into just and eye, red-lidded and green; it was all about the last few seconds of the world, I think, and how they were trying to split those seconds up so that the world would survive.
+ so many colors: lots of blues, whites; arctic-sea blue. some greens and reds. a desperate feel to it. no stars in the sky.

+ changed to something with travelling. still in the arctic, still without stars. can't remember much here.

+ dreamt that I was working at some place with lots of computers in a big room; people were goofing off with old games and I was no exception. Asian Department? There was some sort of law case, and there was this plate of potato pancakes (six small ones around a central big one; floury and undercooked) as ?evidence?, but as it was brought to us,the girl I was supposed to be working with picked up the middle one and walked off eating it; my workmates were amazed and outraged while I was unsurprised.

+ smooth transition: dreamt that the game on the computer where people were playing was riding a bike down a hilly section of the Great Wall, POV; upon arrival it was real, and I met Mama & Apa & went with them because they were taking off from work right now. I felt a little guilty leaving work, but I also far preferred being with my parents than at a mediocre work, so I just went with them; down streets and under tall, huge buildings; under a great brickwork and a tunnel, and ending up in a subterranean area, dimly lit and comforting

+ we went to this duct area and Mama pushed a button and there was a sucking noise and I guess she went up the duct? I tried to follow but I was too big, so I couldn't fit. So I wandered around the subterranean passage a bit more; there were some abandoned shops (?) there full to knick-knacks, the most interesting of which being those clay fake-flowers in miniature, beautiful and intricate. I slightly regretted that I couldn't just take some, but oh well. They weren't mine. Wandered around those for quite a while.

+ transition: upon my wanders of the shops in the subterranean passage, I realized I didn't have my cellphone. I kept finding phones and accidentally using them, but they weren't mine, so I put them back down. I accidentally typed some nonsense on one of my students' phones, and felt bad.

+ followed the passage stairs up and out, coming out aboveground, and following a path. I had ice-skates on, and my normal clogs in my hand, so I skated back home - didn't matter it was ground. Skated back to my dorm: it was a camp I had been applied to, so I went in and found, whehw, my purse was there, and so was my cellphone.

+ the camp RA girl was telling me it was lunchtime. two more people/beds were being set up in my room, and i wasn't too interested in lunch or the people - they sounded boring - when I caught a mention of Dan - ? I looked at the camp-entry papers on the floor, and found his application: it was clear he hadn't wanted to go to this camp at all, with all these really sarcastic answers to the entry questions. The picture of him was from ages ago.

the end :D

(pico what are you dreaming)
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