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lots of short dreams last night. under the cut to preserve your eyes if you're not interested:

+ was in school, in a class, and was needing to identify different types of shells. had to study. barely studied. teacher - glassed tall science teacher man - stood by me and told me what shells were what, and I felt embarrassed, because of course they were those! labeled and drew the shells.

+ dreamt of a job interview held in my own house, with arbitrary questions. it was getting interrupted by a middle eastern family I was somehow responsible for, and I was getting graded according to their interruptions. the interviewers marked their grading sheet - list of interviewees - with how many and what type of little doggies they drew - a good interview being signified by a line of well-drawn doggies; ill-answered or mediocre ones signified by doggies without legs; and bad interviews signified by sloppy little stick-figure doggies.

+ dreamt that the place I go when I die: I float, alice-slow, down onto a spreading green lawn thick with lush grass in the middle of a foggy village with dirt roads and no fences. all the houses are little and close, no one is out, and I know this place is for me to explore. I'm barefoot. I go toward one - blue house, tall and thin like a rectangular prism, with myrtles around and a tiny driveway made of little brown-white rocks. The house is circled with all these little house/garden things like hanging pots and stuff, and I have the option to go in. I start crying because the grass smells so good and fresh.

+ dreamt of some kind of ice cream - a dessert. it was delicious.

+ dreamt of being back in "china", in a street market, passing through and looking at products. they were the winter fair products, and I was looking forward to the summer selection. I saw a person ostensibly from high school or something - someone who shouldn't've been there.

+ I was on the metro but the metro wasn't working, so I went back to my home station and got out, got into a cab driven by an african guy. cab was already going in a direction and I recognized my gym and asked to get off there - then realized I didn't have a ride home. tried to call my mom, but the phone kept screwing up, and I hit the screen in frustration. the cab driver drove casually away.

you may or may not be welcome.
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