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Good Morning, JiveJournal!

O, I have neglected you heinously! See I now, that when I opened the page to write this innocent entry - Lo! It had been since the most 18th of the January month that I haven't written! And that is a crime.

Ennywhey - yes. Haven't. I'd like to say that it's because I've been busy, but ... shit, man, that ain't no excuse anymore. I am always busy. Busyness is my life. Buysness defines me. I am busy like fish is swim. Etc etc. And shit, I was busy in college, too, and still found my ass time to journal. (Could be that my online social life was here, too: this place is nigh on ded, now, with all my friend-friends known IRL, and all my casual-friends moved to other sites like Tumble-Her and suchall.)

I figure I should keep writing, though, for my own reasons: I don't want to forget what's been going on in my life during various times and it's fun looking back. So I'll do for that reason. When I can.


So! happy transitions are happening in my Professional Life! "Oh, Pico, you have a Professional Life? That's hilarious, because you're totally not professiona-" "you just shut your damn mouth, Hypothetical Voice, before I clock you one." Yes, ladeez and gennlemen (though I do suspect neither reads this journal anymore, and so it's more like self and self), I am FINALLY! FINALLY!! FINALLY!!! finishing my teaching at the ESL school!

I am hoping this is a permanent change. I am eager to get out because it's monotonous, unchanging, unchallenging, dull, and I just don't care anymore -- and add to that the $16/hr factor and I am hella done with this. But I've stayed because ... well, it was an iron rice bowl. But god I hate iron rice bowls. That's no good excuse. An so, even though the rest of my life is in a state of flux and confusion, I am leaving it, because good god, done done done done done done DONE.

April 8th. I only have to teach until April 8th.

I'm picking up, in its vaccuum, an interpreting job, possibly tutoring (but I hope not for long), a summer job, and I have a couple applications out that are fermenting. What's really got me stoked, though, and what I really hope will develop in the long term, is my interest/work on International Exchange. Right now I'm doing that through volunteering (yeah, no money, as usual ...) at my alma mater's direct-exchange programs department; I've managed to make myself hugely useful through my Chinese knowledge, and I'm hoping this might shift in the long term from Volunteer Pico to Program Assistant Pico. I hope! (Also, with this experience, I'll be able to apply to the other jobs in the field. I got my eyeball on a certain couple programs - hopefully I can be accepted to those in the long term. [inserts cute-and-hopeful face here]).


DASS JOB. Outside of job?

Well, I have a rich and active social life, which is a constant surprise to me: where the hell did that come from? I am seeing friends often, and doing a lot of things -- I have things every weekend, and sometimes many days of the week, as well. This both is an escape from frustrations of job (which used to be, when I was in my old, slower-paced internship, plus Friggin Teaching), and also just a source of fun. SOCIAL.

I suppose special mention goes to myboyfriend, whom I have now. You kids remember this? and this and this and this? Also, this and just the emtionals that came after? Well, hahaha! I am still with that guy. I am very happy about it. He is a good guy. We get along like peaches and cream, which is to say: fantabulously. I'm seeing him onceaweek in general, and sometimes a little more often, which used to bother me when I was deep in Wharrgarbl, but which now is a perfect amount of time because busyness. So happys!

He and I have been figuring out intimacy together, too, which is very interesting to this particular ace. All sorts of useful stuff like emotion-learning and trying things out. Also, just love in general: a small, quiet, non-fireworks, non-exclusive kind of love, where we're not each other's sole emotional supports, but we do support each other and have high amounts of mutual affection and caring and excitement to see each other. All of it's good. I don't know what might happen in the future - no idea, although I hope it continues well - but I'm not living in the future, am I? so :D


This is all my life. I feel like I should say more - god, there's so much else going on! - but I should ... well, I should get ready for Swedish class, and then go to Swedish class n then the store, n then find out if I'm seeing guy this eve or if I'm going on a hangout adventure with a friend, and then .... D&D tomorrow! Whoa. Wow. So busy. Much life. Wow.

Pico out!
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