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Media-Consumed List of 2016!


I sorely neglected to do this last year. NO LONGER! Today I shall do one for the first month of 2016. I'mma try to update each month.



I, Robot, Isaac Asimov
---- finally finished this after 14 years.
Wayside School is Falling Down, Loius Sachar
---- rerereread
Native Tongue, Suzette Hayden Elgin
---- :D!
The Wall at the Edge of the World, Jim Aikin
---- hmm.
Friday, Robert A Heinlein
---- hmm.
Foundation, Asimov
Foundation and Empire, Asimov
---- hmm.

Feb 1 - Apr 26

Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov
---- painful.
Lu Xun: Selected Works (Vol. 1), Lu Xun
The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin
----went to Ken Liu (translator)'s talk on the 11th of Apr.
Neena Gathering, Valerie Nieman Colander
---- one of those books that I read in a day. Absolutely lovely. Haunting. Can't forget.
A Woman of the Iron People: In The Light of Sigma Draconis, Eleanor Arnason
* A Woman of the Iron People: Changing Women, Eleanor Arnason
---- Slow reads. Good cultural details. Didn't finish second book - humans started arguing.
Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card
---- rereread
---- I was pleasantly surprised at how much compassion Card shows for outcasts. Ender's a bit of a Stu, because he always knows jsut how to handle a situation, but that said, he does work well in this context.
---- I was pleased also with the amount of research that was clearly done. Good job, Card. You may not be great in your LGBT beliefs (cough cough), but I like this book and Ender's Game. (The rest - hmm.)
Chrestomanci 4: Witch Week
Chrestomanci 3: The Magicians of Caprona
Chrestomanci 2: Charmed Life
Chrestomanci 1: The Lives of Christopher Chant, Diana Wynne Jones
---- re(rere+)reads
---- <3 the Chrestomanci books. They're where, I think Jones really comes into her writing. She also really gets children's emotions and motivations right. Also, I love her ability to tie her widely-spun threads together by book's end.
---- yes, I did read them in reverse order. sew wat
Dalemark 1: Cart and Cwidder
Dalemark 2: Drowned Ammet, Diana Wynne Jones
Bone Gap, Laura Ruby
---- read for Book Club.
---- started slow, but grew on me. I was all ready for a dull lil small-town book, but then it turned into magical realism With Classical Allusions. Really quite cleverly put together. (more later.)
Dalemark 3: The Spellcoats
Dalemark 4: The Crown of Dalemark, Diana Wynne Jones
---- notes here!


The Last Halloween
- http://www.last-halloween.com/

- http://www.sinfest.net/
- I tried. I really did. But I just can't get interested. The one-off strips in the May 13th topic here - http://www.sinfest.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=493226&sid=68feb0b631f10a82825d9682624f2d19 - sounded interesting, but good god, what a lot of irritating stuff to wade through on the way to those interesting later strips.



+ man, I don't even remember. (will add if I do.)
Star Wars V
---- rewatch
Star Wars VII
---- second time in theaters!
Spirited Away
---- rewatch

Feb 1 - Apr 26

Star Wars Ep IV
---- re(rere+)watch
---- ♥
---- Feb 12/Dan
Big Hero 6
---- Feb 14/Dan
Guardians of the Galaxy
---- Feb 14/Dan
---- re(rere)watch
---- <3


Jan 1 - Apr 26

Man In The High Castle
---- all eps S1
---- watching with my dad
The Flash
---- s1 eps 3-5
---- watching also with my dad
---- s1 ep1 rewatch
Star Trek: TNG
---- s2, ep 18
---- because I was curious

+ I don't watch a lot of shows
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