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Story Repository - Continually Updated Version [18 Jan 2020|01:04pm]
NEW: this'll be my Continually Updated Publishing Post, because why not?

Note: NO LONGER f-locked to those who know my real name! since this journal is my IRL self's extension, why not have my name here, too?

Note also: update includes: removing old-old stuff that I'll never get published. that's viewable on my 2012 Story Repository. Maybe I should make one for in-progress?

Note Finally: I'm rearranging these by Published (in chronological publishing order), Unpublished-But-Finished, WIP, and Probably-Not-Gonna-Publish.


[Story 167]
---- She decided, after many days and many repetitions: Hell wasn’t a labyrinth. It was an empty house and a short memory.
---- submitted to nanoism 5.20.10
---- published! in Nanoism 5.23.10 - here!

The Remote-Controlled Doggirl [short story version] - 6200wd - one, two, three, four
---- submitted to Crossed Genres 10.31.11
---- published! by Crossed Genres 12.1.11 - here! - new link here!

Matty and the Grey Man - 2500wd - here
---- submitted to Q&W's Old Weird South Anthology 2.25.12
---- Accepted! by Q&W's Old Weird South Anthology 5.6.12
---- Published! in Q&W's Old Weird South Anthology, HERE! (Online version readable HERE!)

Missy Gin and the Trouble She Was In - 10000wd - here
---- submitted to Twit Publishing's Dieselpunk Anthology 4.27.12
---- Accepted by Twit Publishing's Dieselpunk Anthology 5.20.12!!!
---- Published! in Twit Publishing's Dieselpunk Anthology, here!

Changeling -2147wd - here
---- submitted to a Short-Story Award For New Writers contest at Glimmer Train 8.31.10
---- rejected by Glimmer Train
---- submitted to Black Lantern Publishing 6.10.12
---- Accepted! by Black Lantern Publishing, 2.7.13
---- Published! by Black Lantern Publishing, 2.28.13 - here - this publication is closed, and does not archive past submissions.

Beast and the Beauty - 16000wd - part one, part two
---- retitling to Beast and the Beauties, I think.
---- submitted to Giganotosaurus 9.25.12
---- rejected by Giganautosaurus 10.23.12
---- submitted to The Colored Lens 4.5.13
---- Accepted! by The Colored Lens 6.12.13
---- Published! by The Colored Lens, HERE! Online Version here - Part I, and here - Part II!

The Little Matchbox Girl - 1900wd - here
---- submitted to Glimmer Train Stories 7.10.10
---- rejected by Glimmer Train Stories 9.5.10
---- submitted to Detritus Anthology 10.10.11
---- rejected by Detritus Anthology 10.31.11
---- submitted to Fiction Fix on 4.5.13
---- rejected by Fiction Fix (date unknown)
---- submitted to Nocturnal Press Publication's Torched anthology 5.2.14
---- accepted! by NPP's Torched anthology! 6.2.14
---- published! in NPP's Torched antho, 7.22.14, here!
---- (note: Torched is Out-of-Print now, as of late 2016)

Myrrh, and the Sun - 700wd - here
---- submitted to Apex Magazine 1.3.2015
---- accepted by Apex Magazine 3.8.2015!
---- Published! - here!

The Incident at Women's Town - 5300wd - here
---- submitted to Queers Destroy SF 2.14.2015
---- rejected by Queers Destroy SF 3.11.2015
---- submitted to Clarkesworld 3.12.2015
---- rejected by Clarkesworld 3.13.2015
---- submitted to Asimov's 4.18.2015
---- rejected by Asimov's 4.20.2015
---- submitted to Shimmer 4.25.2015
---- rejected by Shimmer 5.6.2015
---- submitted to Strange Horizons 9.16.2015
---- rejected by Strange Horizons (?)
---- submitted to Apex 2.23.2016
---- rejected by Apex 3.11.2016
---- submitted to Uncanny Magazine 8.17.2016(but forgot I hadn't heard back before submitting City/Sun!)
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction 9.16.2016
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction 9.17.2016
---- submitted to Luna Station Quarterly 11.11.2016
---- accepted! by Luna Station Quarterly, 1.25.2017
---- Published! by Luna Station Quarterly, 3.1.2017, here!


Beauty and the Beast - 9000wd - here
---- retitled to Beauty and the Leech
---- submitted to Strange Horizons 6.14.12
---- rejected by Strange Horizons, 6.23.12
---- submitted to Copper Nickel, 9.8.2017
---- rejected by Copper Nickel, 10.23.2017

Jack Heckity - 6300wd - [not online, will upload soon]
---- submitted to the Appalachian Folklore Anthology 9.1.10
---- released without publication; anthology project dropped, 6.20.11
---- submitted to Crossed Genres' Myth issue 11.1.12
---- rejected by Crossed Genres, 1.7.13
---- submitted to Waylines, 4.5.13
---- rejected by Waylines, 4.14.13

Ole Raw Head - here
---- submitted to Black Lantern Publishing 6.24.10
---- rejected(? no response) by Black Lantern Publishing

Mercy - 4600wd - here
---- Submitted to Strange Horizons 7.12.11
---- rejected by Strange Horizons 9.18.11
---- submitted to Shadows & Tall Trees 1.5.12
---- rejected by Shadows & Tall Trees 1.6.12
---- submitted to Ideomancer 6.10.12
---- rejected by Ideomancer 6.21.12
---- submitted to Crossed Genres' Touch Issue 4.5.13
---- rejected by CG's Touch Issue 6.13.13
---- submitted to Body Parts Magazine 11.28.14
---- was told to resubmit; resubmitted to Body Parts Magazine 4.20.2015
---- submitted to 3-Lobed Burning Eye, 8.17.2016
---- rejected by 3-Lobed Burning Eye, 8.21.2016

Mona and the Carrier - 17283wd - here
---- submitted to Asimov's 7.30.13
---- rejected by Asimov's 8.23.13
---- submitted to Analog 9.5.13
---- rejected by Analog 2.21.14
---- submitted to Tor.com 5.2.14
---- rejected by Tor.com 9.11.14
---- submitted to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show 11.28.2014
---- no response from Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
---- submitted to Giganotosaurus 3.5.2015
---- rejected by Giganotosaurus 4.14.2015
---- submitted to Betwixt 4.16.2015
---- rejected by Betwixt 4.27.2015
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction (when?)
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction 6.9.2016
---- submitted to Giganotosaurus 8.17.2016
---- rejected by Giganotosaurus 9.7.2016
---- submitted to Asimov's 9.16.2016
---- rejected by Asimov's 1.9.2017

The Forest at the End of the Hall - 8163wd - UNEDITED: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
---- submitted to Shimmer 3.5.2015
---- rejected by Shimmer 3.11.2015
---- submitted to Strange Horizons 3.13.2015
---- rejected by Strange Horizons 4.1.2015
---- submitted to Beneath Ceaseless Skies 4.16.2015
---- rejected by Beneath Ceaseless Skies 5.26.2015
---- submitted to Metaphorosis 8.22.2016
---- rejected by Metaphorosis 8.24.2016 (with recommendation of revision)
---- submitted to The Fabulist 11.11.2016
---- no response from The Fabulist, even after 3.28 query
---- submitted to The Colored Lens, 9.8.2017
---- rejected by The Colored Lens, 11.16.2017

Instances of a City - 7758wd - draft here, final submitted.
---- submitted to Clarkesworld 9.16.2015
---- rejected by Clarkesworld 9.17.2015
---- submitted to Shimmer 2.23.2016
---- rejected by Shimmer 2.24.2016
---- renamed to The City That Hid from the Sun
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction, 8.17.2016
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction, 8.24.2016
---- submitted to Uncanny Magazine 9.16.2016 (but had not yet heard back about other story? whoops!)
---- rejected by Uncanny Magazine 10.2.2016
---- submitted to Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 11.11.2016
---- queried Fantastic Stories and received no reply 2.21.2017
---- submitted to Strange Horizons 3.14.2017
---- rejected by Strange Horizons 4.7.2017
---- submitted to Lightspeed 2.7.2018

The Winter Year - 2880wd
---- title changed to The Wintering Man
---- submitted to Aurealis 9.18.2016
---- rejected by Aurealis 11.19.2016
---- submitted to Nightmare, 3.13.2017
---- rejected by Nightmare, 3.13.2017
---- submitted to Clarkesworld, 9.8.2017
---- rejected by Clarkesworld, 9.12.2017
---- submitted to Apex, 2.7.2018

Mr Cider and the Golden Spider - 2378wd - (not yet uploaded)
---- I need to edit, clean up, and submit this poor soul somewhere!
---- submitted to Clarkesworld 11.11.2016
---- rejected by Clarkesworld 11.15.2016
---- submitted to Aurealis, 9.8.2017
---- rejected by Aurealis, 11.19.2017
---- submitted to Metaphorosis, 2.7.2018

A Place Among the Mighty - 254wd - draft here
---- submitted to Urban Fantasist's Grievous Angel, 11.20.2016
---- rejected by Urban Fantasist's Grievous Angel, 11.26.2017
---- submitted to Cease, Cows, 3.13.2017
---- rejected by Cease, Cows 3.28.2017
---- submitted to Analog, 9.9.2017 (orig tried 9.8. 500err. resubmitting at work on 9.9.)

Benn West Crosses the Dubia - 14,600wd - [not on journal]
---- retitled to The Gate of the Hand
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction, 9.6.2017
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction, 9.10.2017
---- retitled to At The Gate of the Hand
---- submitted to Clarkesworld 2.7.2018
---- rejected by Clarkesworld 2.8.2018
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction, 2.8.2017 (oops. I forgot I already submitted it here.)
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction, 2.11.2017
---- submitted to Asimov's 2.11.2017
---- rejected by Asimov's 2.20.2017
---- submitted to Giganotosaurus, 9.8.2018

Jelena I - 5450wd - not on journal, I don't think?
---- retitled to A Facsimile Make a Brief Stop over Oneiros
---- submitted to Asimov's 9.9.2017 (orig tried 9.8. 500err. resubmitting at workon 9.9.)
---- never submitted to Asimov's b/c China
---- submitted to Fantasy & Science Fiction, 9.11.2017
---- rejected by Fantasy & Science Fiction, 9.12.2017
---- submitted to Shimmer 2.7.2018
---- rejected by Shimmer 2.14.2018
---- submitted to Strange Horizons 9.14.2018

Ainu and the Jailer - 20,700 - not online
---- tried to submit to Asimov's, 9.14.2018, but submission form broken
---- submitted to Analog, 9.14.2018

Then - poem - [not on journal]
---- submitted to LitMag 11.27.2017
---- rejected from Litmag 1.29.2018


Dame Ale and the Broken Tail - 7000wd - here
---- (in progress for Crossed Genres' Winter Well Anthology)
---- lulz, never finished it. Still WIP. Need to send it to someone, see how they like it.

The Teahouse in the City of Roots
---- started as a story of Arn-Bastio/Arrenabastacai. Changed it so that people not nmariside-familiar might get it. Also, for selling.

Old Olinscarr
---- see above, but with ancient-times-Olinscarr instead.

The Buzzard Who Wanted Golden Trees
---- don't know if this is what I'll title it

The Graverobber on Ghost Street
---- started as an isolated scene. Turned into post-apocalyptic Harbin. What the hell do I do with this?

---- started as Remote-Controlled Doggirl, then became a near-future alternate history. What the hell do I do with this?

The Fine and Flying Finster-Bird
---- a fairytale I started and never finished. I should finish it.

My version of Urashima Taro
---- which was also started, but then also abandoned. I should finish it.

The Beloved
---- I don't know if this is a poem or a prose or a proemse or what. It's unfinished, though.

Jelena I and II
---- I'm going to clean up I and submit it. II is a WIP novel.

The Summer Witch
---- czech it with BWN, then sub it

(bare ideas: //the Son of the God of Suffering and Compassion// and //Flowers of the System//. We'll figure these out.)

(old stories to clean up: TSAS? - that's only one scene, though. I1? - that's good but unfinished; needs different scale? the Ruby Space/Sweet Midnight Land? - finish up Sweet Midnight Land!)


Note: while these stories are well and good, I think they may just live in quiet perpetuum as Things Lara Has Written.

Salamander - 1436wd - here
---- possible submission to a gen. magazine
---- submitted to Blood Orange Review 5.20.10
---- rejected by Blood Orange Review 9.26.10

The Botanist and the Beast - 2800wd - here
---- submitted to Red Queen Press Re-imagined Fairy Tale Anthology 6.13.12
---- rejected by Red Queen Press Re-imagined Fairy Tale Anthology 6.15.12

Sprouts - 300wd - [not yet upped to my journal]
---- submitted to Strange Horizons on 4.15.2015
---- rejected by Strange Horizons 6.1.2015

Yesterday Miss - 120wd - here
---- submitted to The Threepenny Review 4.25.2015
----rejected by Threepenny Review 4.29.2015

Rosie - 114wd - here, but then edited.
---- submitted to Urban Fantasist 4.25.2015
---- rejected by Urban Fantasist 5.9.2015

[this whole post is a WIP. it is a WIP in perpetuum.]

(...want to do my homework for me?)

Lara's Media-Consumed List of 2018! (Books and movies only! because it's been one helluva year.) [16 Jul 2018|06:13pm]
(I am sure I'm forgetting some books here, but well.)

(Beginning from Dec 18, 2017, because China.)

+ Hyperion, Dan Simmons
---- reread
---- got the women thing going on, god dammit. ( Maiden/mother/whore )
+ *Code, Charles Petzold
---- unfinished. I really should finish it. It's quite a good explanation for the laywoman.
+ Ready Player One, E.L. Cline
---- decent read, but tired of the heroboy bildungsroman tropes.
+ Hillbilly Elegy, Jack Vance
+ *Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
+ Frippe Lagar Allt, Lars Klinting
---- high literature
+ Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari
+ Dataclysm, Christian Rudder
---- I read these two books together in order to
+ SAGA 1, 2, 3
---- "modern sensibilities are the only sensibilities"
---- decent enough, but falls into the unfortunate trap of it's-going-to-be-dated-within-thirty-years.
+ *Kushiel's Dart, Jacqueline Carey
---- got 314 pages in. incredibly bored. put it down.
+ Ancillary Justice, Anne Leckie
---- <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
+ *Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari
+ *Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie
---- I read 3/4 this book, but put it aside because !!!! was happening in my life. Someday I will buy this series/ask for it for a gift-giving occasion, because it is absolutely stellar <3
+ Binti, Nnedi Okorafor
---- wanted to like it, but was not a fan.
+ Evolution's Darling, Scott Westerfeld
---- ...interesting.
+ Leviathan
+ Behemoth
+ Goliath, Scott Westerfeld
---- decent, fun, quick reads.
+ 2001, A Space Odyssey, Arthur C Clarke
+ 1984, George Orwell
---- reread
+ Heart of a Dog, Mikhail Bulgakov
+ Persepolis
+ Persepolis II, Marjane Satrapi
+ Unreal!
+ Uncanny!, Paul Jennings
---- rereads
---- I originally read these when I was eeny-meeny. I remembered some particular stories from them, and wanted to see if they still held up. They don't, but it was an interesting look.
+ Who? Algis Budrys
+ Redshirts, John Scalzi
+ *Seveneves, Neal Stephenson
---- I started this book on the NYC trip at the end of March and am finishing it now in July. It's amazing, my long-reading notwithstanding.
+ The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five, Doris Lessing
---- god, this took me forever. I went into it with hopes, but was ultimately disappointed by the author's reinforcement of gender stereotypes as "natural order".
+ The Golden Chain, Peter Russell
+ Othello, Shakespeare
+ Paradises Lost, Ursula Le Guin
---- reread
---- god I love this novella
+ The Brothers Lionheart, Astrid Lindgren
+ The Tempest, Shakespeare
+ *Starship Troopers, Robert A Heinlein
---- (sigh)

Oh Yeah and Movies

+ Hot Fuzz
+ Moana
+ I don't remember what else I've watched this year
+ Solo
+ Deadpool 2
+ Coco

(...want to do my homework for me?)

LARA'S MEDIA CONSUMED LIST OF 2017! [05 May 2017|08:52am]

I haven't done one for this year yet. Come on, Lara!


Jan 1-May 5

The Crystal Shard
*The Halfling's Gem, R.A Salvatore
---- No.1 below
The Dark Tower
*The Drawing of the Three, Steven King
---- No.2 below
Magic's Pawn
Magic's Price
* Magic's Promise, Mercedes Lackey
---- No.3 below
After Atlas, Emma Newman
---- No.4 below
Lightless, C.A Higgins
---- Meh. N.5
* (some fantasy book that was famous and I got 40 pages in., I'll check the author when I get back to Zhongguo.
---- meh.
The Medusa Frequency, Russel Hoban
---- N.6
* Crystal Society, Raelfinn
---- N.7
The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell
---- ♥♥♥ N.8
A Darker Shade of Magic, V.E Schwab
---- N.9
Peripheral, William Gibson
---- Excellent!
Neuromancer, William Gibson
---- re^read
---- lawd, it's still great

short stories

Our Lady of Chernobyl, Greg Egan
---- SF Club
Yuanyuan's Bubbles, Liu Cixin
---- SF Club
The Island, Peter Watts
---- SF Club
Truth of Fact, Truth of Feeling, Ted Chiang
---- SF Club
something else I can't think of, I'll look it up when I get back to China
---- SF Club
Kyrie, Poul Anderson


Jan 1-May 5

Infinite Loop, ???
---- Read on recommendation. Decent, but a lil too anvilicious for me, even though I agree with the premise.


Jan 1-May 5

Alice in Wonderland
---- re^watch
---- with family
---- re^watch
---- with Caitlin, in bus on way to Wencui's
---- self. This was amazing.
Blue Velvet
---- with SF Club
---- with Eszter
This Is Spinal Tap
---- with SF Club
---- with Eszter
[a documentary about space research in China
---- with Alex, at Bookworm
---- self, on plane
Raiders of the Lost Ark
---- with Apa, at home
Rogue One
---- with family, back home


Jan 1-May 5

John Oliver,
---- all episodes, as they come out
---- eps 1-9 (half-finished with 9)
---- watched on planes to HU and US. WOW.



1) The Crystal Shard
*The Halfling's Gem, R.A Salvatore
---- I thought I should read some Salvatore, to know where the tropes, in their most classic form, come from. So I tried. I did try. But lawdy lawd, these are bad. They are the epitome of Generic Fantasy. Tired, overwrought, too proud of its own vocabulary, and too worshipping of its own characters.

2) The Dark Tower
*The Drawing of the Three, Steven King
---- Again, I tried. The first book pulled you along, sure. The second lagged, and also I don't like reading about druggies.

But throughout both of them was a strain of something I'd seen in other books, and very, very much dislike: every single female character who is encountered is sexualized/has a sexual role. Doesn't matter if they're only onpage of a bit piece. They're either Maiden/Mother/Whore, or they're encountered sexually, or - and this was what made me put the second book down - they're pathologized sexually. Bleh. I don't need that.

3) Last Herald-Mage Trilogy -- Mercedes Lackey
---- I thought I should finally read some Lackey, to know her style of Generic Fantasy. It was okay... Not great, but very light, like a meringue. Everyone is SO EMOTIONAL, and no one knows how to handle emotions like adults. Also, dumb politics are dumb.

4) After Atlas, Emma Newman
---- WOW. This was a strong, good book! Not a happy one, but if an unhappy book can make me keep on reading it? Good damn job!

I feel like Newman has grown stratospherically since Book 1. In planetfall, she did a good job, but made some authorial decisions I was iffy about. This one: Bam. BAM. Knocked it RIGHT OUT OF THE PARK. Emotional tenor like Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Excellent!

5) Lightless, C.A Higgins
---- After After Atlas, this one was... meh. Tried to be Dark N Srs, but lacked the oomph and the closeness of everything in AA. I felt like it was a thought exercise.

6) The Medusa Frequency, Russel Hoban
---- Russell Hoban writing a Middle-Aged Professor Midlife Crisis book. I was disappointed.

7) I started CS for SF Club. I'm sure it was fine as a book, but it was headed directly into GOT-level itnerpersonal politicking territory, and that jsut tired me out: everyone is so nasty, no one is happy, and everyone just thinks of political gain. I want adventure, not arguments.

8) The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell
---- THIS WAS AMAZING. I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I feel like the end was a bit rushed, but it was a harsh ending, so I understand that. SUCH AMAZING WRITING AND RESEARCH. Russell knows her shit and everyone else's shit! wowwwww. <3

9) A Darker Shade of Magic, V.E Schwab
---- I wrote like this when I was 19. I am both glad that I am no longer 19, and glad that my writing can now encompass the complexity of different economic, societal, cultural, and etc factors that influence different worlds. This complexity was not what I found in Darker Shade: who on earth, when given a choice of drinking establishments, would say "hey, guys, I know! Let's go get drinks at The Scorched Bone! We gonna get crunk~". Point is: you cannot have a monopolar world, where only darkness and forever-cannibalism and backstabbing are the order of the day, because people like happiness and stability and try to maintain that. (And if your answer is "well that's why [highlight for SPOILERS] they're going to attack/try to get into Red London", well I'd say FRIGGIN NONSENSE, because it's presented as all about attacking and conquoring evulz, not about motivation, God, Gold, and Glory, etc. Also, the anachronistic speech and behaviors are exceedingly irritating.

(...want to do my homework for me?)

WIP media update [26 Apr 2016|11:00pm]
Well, okay, so that about updating every month was a BAREFACED LIE okay whoops.

This is now all books between February 1 and April 26. I didn't really watch much, so I'll try to note those things below at the end, but movies and shows take far second place to books. Because meeee~

PS: notes are short because me. More will emerge!: one of these days, I'mma write up lil review thoughts on these books.



Feb 1 - Apr 26

Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov
Lu Xun: Selected Works (Vol. 1), Lu Xun
The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin
----went to Ken Liu (translator)'s talk on the 11th of Apr.
Neena Gathering, Valerie Nieman Colander
---- one of those books that I read in a day. Absolutely lovely. Haunting. Can't forget.
A Woman of the Iron People: In The Light of Sigma Draconis, Eleanor Arnason
* A Woman of the Iron People: Changing Women, Eleanor Arnason
---- Slow reads. Good cultural details. Didn't finish second book - humans started arguing.
Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card
---- rereread
---- I was pleasantly surprised at how much compassion Card shows for outcasts. Ender's a bit of a Stu, because he always knows jsut how to handle a situation, but that said, he does work well in this context.
---- I was pleased also with the amount of research that was clearly done. Good job, Card. You may not be great in your LGBT beliefs (cough cough), but I like this book and Ender's Game. (The rest - hmm.)
Chrestomanci 4: Witch Week
Chrestomanci 3: The Magicians of Caprona
Chrestomanci 2: Charmed Life
Chrestomanci 1: The Lives of Christopher Chant, Diana Wynne Jones
---- re(rere+)reads
---- <3 the Chrestomanci books. They're where, I think Jones really comes into her writing. She also really gets children's emotions and motivations right. Also, I love her ability to tie her widely-spun threads together by book's end.
---- yes, I did read them in reverse order. sew wat
Dalemark 1: Cart and Cwidder
Dalemark 2: Drowned Ammet, Diana Wynne Jones
Bone Gap, Laura Ruby
---- read for Book Club.
---- started slow, but grew on me. I was all ready for a dull lil small-town book, but then it turned into magical realism With Classical Allusions. Really quite cleverly put together. (more later.)
Dalemark 3: The Spellcoats
Dalemark 4: The Crown of Dalemark, Diana Wynne Jones
---- notes below!


Feb 1 - Apr 26

Star Wars Ep IV
---- re(rere+)watch
---- ♥
---- Feb 12/Dan
Big Hero 6
---- Feb 14/Dan
Guardians of the Galaxy
---- Feb 14/Dan
---- re(rere)watch
---- <3


Jan - Apr 26

Man In The High Castle
---- all eps S1
---- watching with my dad
The Flash
---- s1 eps 3-5
---- watching also with my dad
---- s1 ep1 rewatch
Star Trek: TNG
---- s2, ep 18
---- because I was curious



okay, so can I say that these books were massively impressive? They were! For these reasons:

+ at first, I didn't really like 'em. After Chrestomanci, these books were quiet, a little slow, a little uninspired-feeling, and as though they lacked energy.
+ but they crawled into my head. They did a fabulous job at making their plots real, with real people with real issues, and these people were frustrating, realistically I-don't-know-if-I-like-you-because-you're-not-actually-larger-than-life.
+ DWJ was heavy on not making these woo-woo fantasy books, and I supermuch appreciate that: I like that she doesn't do tropes, and so the places are realistic - not in a "gritty", "edgy" was that so much modern SF/F can be (which grates on me), but in a mundane way.
+ I love love love love LOVE how she writes the first three books, all years apart, and then TIES EVERYTHING ALL TOGETHER IN THE FOURTH BOOK. It's like all of them are chapters of one giant book that took her ages. And you can see in her fourth book how things hang together so well that it's clear she KNEW what was going on, it just took discovering and writing it all.
+ these are probably the clearest characters I've ever read of hers, too. solidly understandable, emotionally consistent, clear in their personalities and wants and ways of dealing with the world. Excellent.
---- also can I just say that I am very much Team Navis? Because yes. Bookworm? Cares for people? Efficient? Capable? Elegant? Selfsure? Kind-but-Ruthless? Loyal? SNARKY (often to the point of irritation - ow, some of those remarks :D). Everything about his arc makes me so happy :D

in conclusion: ♥

(...want to do my homework for me?)

Media-Consumed List of 2016! [05 Feb 2016|04:55pm]

I sorely neglected to do this last year. NO LONGER! Today I shall do one for the first month of 2016. I'mma try to update each month.



I, Robot, Isaac Asimov
---- finally finished this after 14 years.
Wayside School is Falling Down, Loius Sachar
---- rerereread
Native Tongue, Suzette Hayden Elgin
---- :D!
The Wall at the Edge of the World, Jim Aikin
---- hmm.
Friday, Robert A Heinlein
---- hmm.
Foundation, Asimov
Foundation and Empire, Asimov
---- hmm.

Feb 1 - Apr 26

Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov
---- painful.
Lu Xun: Selected Works (Vol. 1), Lu Xun
The Three-Body Problem, Liu Cixin
----went to Ken Liu (translator)'s talk on the 11th of Apr.
Neena Gathering, Valerie Nieman Colander
---- one of those books that I read in a day. Absolutely lovely. Haunting. Can't forget.
A Woman of the Iron People: In The Light of Sigma Draconis, Eleanor Arnason
* A Woman of the Iron People: Changing Women, Eleanor Arnason
---- Slow reads. Good cultural details. Didn't finish second book - humans started arguing.
Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card
---- rereread
---- I was pleasantly surprised at how much compassion Card shows for outcasts. Ender's a bit of a Stu, because he always knows jsut how to handle a situation, but that said, he does work well in this context.
---- I was pleased also with the amount of research that was clearly done. Good job, Card. You may not be great in your LGBT beliefs (cough cough), but I like this book and Ender's Game. (The rest - hmm.)
Chrestomanci 4: Witch Week
Chrestomanci 3: The Magicians of Caprona
Chrestomanci 2: Charmed Life
Chrestomanci 1: The Lives of Christopher Chant, Diana Wynne Jones
---- re(rere+)reads
---- <3 the Chrestomanci books. They're where, I think Jones really comes into her writing. She also really gets children's emotions and motivations right. Also, I love her ability to tie her widely-spun threads together by book's end.
---- yes, I did read them in reverse order. sew wat
Dalemark 1: Cart and Cwidder
Dalemark 2: Drowned Ammet, Diana Wynne Jones
Bone Gap, Laura Ruby
---- read for Book Club.
---- started slow, but grew on me. I was all ready for a dull lil small-town book, but then it turned into magical realism With Classical Allusions. Really quite cleverly put together. (more later.)
Dalemark 3: The Spellcoats
Dalemark 4: The Crown of Dalemark, Diana Wynne Jones
---- notes here!


The Last Halloween
- http://www.last-halloween.com/

- http://www.sinfest.net/
- I tried. I really did. But I just can't get interested. The one-off strips in the May 13th topic here - http://www.sinfest.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=493226&sid=68feb0b631f10a82825d9682624f2d19 - sounded interesting, but good god, what a lot of irritating stuff to wade through on the way to those interesting later strips.



+ man, I don't even remember. (will add if I do.)
Star Wars V
---- rewatch
Star Wars VII
---- second time in theaters!
Spirited Away
---- rewatch

Feb 1 - Apr 26

Star Wars Ep IV
---- re(rere+)watch
---- ♥
---- Feb 12/Dan
Big Hero 6
---- Feb 14/Dan
Guardians of the Galaxy
---- Feb 14/Dan
---- re(rere)watch
---- <3


Jan 1 - Apr 26

Man In The High Castle
---- all eps S1
---- watching with my dad
The Flash
---- s1 eps 3-5
---- watching also with my dad
---- s1 ep1 rewatch
Star Trek: TNG
---- s2, ep 18
---- because I was curious

+ I don't watch a lot of shows

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BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! [22 Oct 2015|08:45am]


(...want to do my homework for me?)

Such a Busy Pico! [28 Mar 2015|08:00am]
Good Morning, JiveJournal!

O, I have neglected you heinously! See I now, that when I opened the page to write this innocent entry - Lo! It had been since the most 18th of the January month that I haven't written! And that is a crime.

Ennywhey - yes. Haven't. I'd like to say that it's because I've been busy, but ... shit, man, that ain't no excuse anymore. I am always busy. Busyness is my life. Buysness defines me. I am busy like fish is swim. Etc etc. And shit, I was busy in college, too, and still found my ass time to journal. (Could be that my online social life was here, too: this place is nigh on ded, now, with all my friend-friends known IRL, and all my casual-friends moved to other sites like Tumble-Her and suchall.)

I figure I should keep writing, though, for my own reasons: I don't want to forget what's been going on in my life during various times and it's fun looking back. So I'll do for that reason. When I can.


So! happy transitions are happening in my Professional Life! "Oh, Pico, you have a Professional Life? That's hilarious, because you're totally not professiona-" "you just shut your damn mouth, Hypothetical Voice, before I clock you one." Yes, ladeez and gennlemen (though I do suspect neither reads this journal anymore, and so it's more like self and self), I am FINALLY! FINALLY!! FINALLY!!! finishing my teaching at the ESL school!

I am hoping this is a permanent change. I am eager to get out because it's monotonous, unchanging, unchallenging, dull, and I just don't care anymore -- and add to that the $16/hr factor and I am hella done with this. But I've stayed because ... well, it was an iron rice bowl. But god I hate iron rice bowls. That's no good excuse. An so, even though the rest of my life is in a state of flux and confusion, I am leaving it, because good god, done done done done done done DONE.

April 8th. I only have to teach until April 8th.

I'm picking up, in its vaccuum, an interpreting job, possibly tutoring (but I hope not for long), a summer job, and I have a couple applications out that are fermenting. What's really got me stoked, though, and what I really hope will develop in the long term, is my interest/work on International Exchange. Right now I'm doing that through volunteering (yeah, no money, as usual ...) at my alma mater's direct-exchange programs department; I've managed to make myself hugely useful through my Chinese knowledge, and I'm hoping this might shift in the long term from Volunteer Pico to Program Assistant Pico. I hope! (Also, with this experience, I'll be able to apply to the other jobs in the field. I got my eyeball on a certain couple programs - hopefully I can be accepted to those in the long term. [inserts cute-and-hopeful face here]).


DASS JOB. Outside of job?

Well, I have a rich and active social life, which is a constant surprise to me: where the hell did that come from? I am seeing friends often, and doing a lot of things -- I have things every weekend, and sometimes many days of the week, as well. This both is an escape from frustrations of job (which used to be, when I was in my old, slower-paced internship, plus Friggin Teaching), and also just a source of fun. SOCIAL.

I suppose special mention goes to myboyfriend, whom I have now. You kids remember this? and this and this and this? Also, this and just the emtionals that came after? Well, hahaha! I am still with that guy. I am very happy about it. He is a good guy. We get along like peaches and cream, which is to say: fantabulously. I'm seeing him onceaweek in general, and sometimes a little more often, which used to bother me when I was deep in Wharrgarbl, but which now is a perfect amount of time because busyness. So happys!

He and I have been figuring out intimacy together, too, which is very interesting to this particular ace. All sorts of useful stuff like emotion-learning and trying things out. Also, just love in general: a small, quiet, non-fireworks, non-exclusive kind of love, where we're not each other's sole emotional supports, but we do support each other and have high amounts of mutual affection and caring and excitement to see each other. All of it's good. I don't know what might happen in the future - no idea, although I hope it continues well - but I'm not living in the future, am I? so :D


This is all my life. I feel like I should say more - god, there's so much else going on! - but I should ... well, I should get ready for Swedish class, and then go to Swedish class n then the store, n then find out if I'm seeing guy this eve or if I'm going on a hangout adventure with a friend, and then .... D&D tomorrow! Whoa. Wow. So busy. Much life. Wow.

Pico out!

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Dreams [12 Jan 2015|09:23am]
lots of short dreams last night. under the cut to preserve your eyes if you're not interested:

Read more...Collapse )

you may or may not be welcome.

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a fantastic feat of memory: in which Pico updates her Media Consumed in 2014 list! [06 Jan 2015|02:19pm]
Why, Pico, you knwo what you should do?

What's that, Hypothetical Question Asker?

You ought to make a Media Update List!

Why, I sure ought to~

But Pico!

What is it, HQA?

How are you ever going to make a Media Update Entry when you can't remember all the things you read?

Well, I'm so glad you posed that question to me, HQA~ You see, right here I have some old librabry-checkout slips, and over there I have the old Media Update Entry, and over there there I have a pile of Harry Potter books I know I just finished reading. So overall, HQA, I'm hoping ti won't be too difficile. I just can't promise accuracy, because I am a Pico who is busy and has many things on her mind. Oh, so many~


books read Jun 26 - end of 2014

Lady Knight
Sandry's Book
Tris' Book
Daja's Book
Briar's Book
Magic Steps
Street Magic
Cold Fire, Tamora Pierce
---- rereads all
Battle Magic, Tamora Pierce
---- reading this was frustrating. The only other bad Pierce book, in my estimation, aside of the Trickster books. I have so many problems with this that I'll just leave my voiced dissent here.
Over Sea, Under Stone
The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper
---- rereads.
---- they were so British I had to take a break and read something else.
[at this point I have no recollection what I read next; this was september, and I had one month left to go at Lado-only before I started my Lado & Library schedule.]
[something here],
A Brother's Price, Wen Spencer
---- reread
---- still love it.
[something here],
* The Dispossessed, Ursula K Le Guin
---- unfinished
[something here]
The Big Sleep, Philip Marlowe
---- excellent, excellent. read it because I wanted to read a Noir for the Puzzard story. was best choice.
The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammett
---- enjoyed it! what a fantastic husband-wife pairing, within the confines of time period!
* The Postman Always Rings Twice, James M Cain
---- unfinished
[something here]
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
, JK Rowling
---- rereads all
---- read all of these in the last two and first week of 2014-2015. See entry here. I have, of course, more thoughts and feelings about them, but they take a long time to write, and also there's a lot.

comics read Jun 26 - end of 2014

---- all updates til that date
Bird Boy
---- all updates til that date
Shades of A
---- all
---- all updates til that date
14Nights, K. Stipetic
---- all
Love Me Nice
---- Ch 1 all
---- Ch 2 to pg30
Let's Speak English, Mary Cagle
---- all updates til that date
The Oatmeal
---- all updates til that date
---- all updates til that date
The PowerPuff Girls Reimagined By Rossowinch
---- all updates til that date

movies watched Jun 26 - end of 2014

Princess Mononoke
Babette's Feast
The Big Sleep
---- unfinished
From Russia With Love

[note: insert short films here]

shows watched Jun 26 - end of 2014

---- finished Season 3!
White Collar
---- ep 1: showed to my students for Fraud chapter


note: I also watched a good number of short-films on youtube, but I'll make that list when I come back from my walk with my dad :D

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potter reread - first book of the new year [05 Jan 2015|10:50pm]
Wow. Just finished a back-to-back-to-back Harry Potter readthrough. Three weeks or so, including holidays. Three weeks of these books.

I have a lot of thoughts on these books. I reread them primarily because of of a quote, somewhere on the vast interwebs, of someone saying: "J.K. Rowling didn't change my life, she shaped it." She didn't mine - I shaped myself through other books - but I wanted to see: how? How did these books do this? I was too young first time around to appreciate it. How did these books come to matter to people so much?

I can see right now how. It's to do with a lot of things:

+ with wish-fulfillment: "you're a wizard, Harry!"
+ with fun: think of those candies, the joke-shop, the silly spells
+ with eagerness for the world: trips to Diagon Alley, exploring Hogwarts; the forest
+ with archetypes: the ease and directness of knowing people in this world, and the simplicity with which they can be understood

I think it also has to do with a child's view of the world: the world is so huge, complex, and ridiculous, that of course they don't understand, and of course they take the weird for granted - even as they learn the rules, the rules are based in self-referential absurdity, with no science nor logic behind them, but rather emotion and archetypes and Old Magic and Right And Wrong. These rules are the rules of fairy tales, at heart.

And for a child to read from that view: well, that only makes sense. But for an adutl to read from that view: oh, there - I think people underestimate what a powerful draw nostalgia and wish-fulfillment have. After all, anyone reading this can name what House they'd want to be sorted into, which character(s) is/are their favorite(s), what kind of wand they'd want, what subject they'd study at Hogwarts. The world is silly, and weird, and straightforward at heart - it's based in excitement and fun and adventure and friendship and family and love, and while this society we're in talks about those about as childish, moralistic, or maudlin, squishy things, it can't be denied that they're also yearned for - as evidenced by the fact that Rowling was able to become a billionaire.

There's a lot, sure, in these books I don't agree with. I think James was a smug jerk, Sirius was an overworshipped twat, Luna got the short end of the stick, and Severus over-vaunted after his big revelation of love. I think book seven could've been edited down quite a good bit - it got navelgazey and mediocre-prosed at times, for sure.

But I also think these books are an excellent set of achievements, and on the whole I applaud Rowling, because she's created a world that a whole generation wants, if not to live in, at least visit, and characters that are just as engaging each time you reread them.

Children born in the last three years will have grown up in a world where Harry Potter always existed - front to back, all the books, all the movies. But when they get old enough to read, or to be read to - won't they have the same sense of discovery that we have known?

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Dreams [28 Dec 2014|09:32am]
Wow. Had some fantastical dreams. All very involved. Here is what I can remember:

the Korra dreamCollapse )

the travel dreamCollapse )

the potato pancakes dreamCollapse )

the underground shops dreamCollapse )

the camp dreamCollapse )

the end :D

(pico what are you dreaming)

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two dreams [21 Nov 2014|09:07am]
such dreams. such dreams!

dream 1: the one that stole elements from IRLCollapse )

* this/remembering this/the idea of this is exceptionally upsetting, because casual touch is such an important part for me of me being with someone.

** Chinese Lángos: a wide circle of fried dough that would be painted with salty meat-and-bean sauce.

dream two: the one that didn'tCollapse )

(Ideas in this one for stories...)

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The pre-Birthday-Entry birthday entry detailing the State Of The Pico [22 Oct 2014|10:55am]
Mostly I'm making this a separate-from-the-actual-Birthday-Entry entry because it'll have actual content, whereas the Birthday Entry is mostly composed of violent, multicolored squeeing. Also, take note of my lovely, pretty, new-and-improved LJ look! Oh snaps, the Pico has took the time to made things pretty!? What is this madness!? Interrobang!?

So! As may well be seen, so very much has happened to me since I last spent significant time on the Journal Of Lives. No really. You guys. You guys. So much has happened. So much that it has been an exhaustion to even think of writing it all or any of it down, because where do I start, and also what is this thing called time?

Mainest of mains, of course, is the fact that I uh. Now have a boyfriend. Yes, I do. This is crazy, right? I've kept it unmentioned on the Book Of Faces, partially because personal life is personal, and partially because of possible-bagel reasons. (Also, he's not a big bacefooker.) But! He's there! And boyfriendy. Definitely there :D

To note: we're not as couple as is generally done. One reason is simply practicality: He's about 45min drive away, and both of us have busy work lives and social lives, so that doesn't leave us a lot of meeting times (we do try onceaweek at least - that's about my limit of non-wharrgarbl time; more than a week and my brain gets itchy in his direction). There are also relationship-style reasons why we're not all-couple-couple: more on that in flocked entries. The time we do get together, though, is gouda stuff, and he's emotionally really focused and involved, which is fantabulous :D

Next: work. Work! I now have an internship, which is far more fabulous than teaching is, but I still have to teach (whee.) and job-search (whucgh). This is because money. I do hate to sound mercenary or anything, but Woman Cannot Live On Volunteer Internships Alone, and it is amazing and really quite irritating, during job-searching, to see how many positions expect one to not only be experienced, but also to work for free: "it'll be a great resume-builder!" "It'll give you practical experience and help you build networks!" Okay, guys, okay, but I'd also like to make more than $15 an hour, because that is the tiniest beans in a city like DC, and un-live-alone-able. (Elsewhere in the country, you could concieveably live on that. DC, no.)

Really, I'm tired of job-searching and teaching and doing things that don't occupy my brain. Overall, and eventually - but it could be sooner than eventually - I want to have a job in international exchange where I have both with-people-time and down-time, where there's a variety of mostly-interesting work, where I have decent admin, where I have a good work-life balance, and where I make a reasonable sum. That's it. Also, a castle and a pony, which I can then give to a person who actually likes ponies, because I don't give jack shit about horses. :D

Speaking of Work-Life Balance: in the last couple months, my calendar has EXPLODED. So many things! SO many things are going on with people! I'm going to shows, parties, painting, overnights, all sorts and kinds of events, meetings, whatever. I barely have time to breathe - but that's what Monday-Wednesday evenings are for. At least, so they were, until this week: this last Monday, I just started a scehdule that looks liek this:

8.30-12.30: Library internship
2-5.30: Teaching.

Doesn't look so bad, right? Well, tack on an hour to either end - because DC - and a half-hour commute from Library to teaching, and I end up with: the amount of time a full-time job normally takes. Get up in the dark, go home in the dark, and get four hours of leisure time evenings.

I feel odd about this, because on the one hand, great, it's responsible, but OTOH - the internship is 6mo long - til March - and the teaching is, well, teaching. So I still have to job-search, and that's a stress all of its own. Overall, no, I'm not complaining, because hell, I could be in a dead-end retail job -- but this teaching is dead-end, interestless, unchallenging, and unusing of my brain, and good god, I need something else, stat. Which is why I'm a-search.

Blah blah vicious circle. These things will all sort themselves out eventually. I know I'll get a job in what I want - because I won't settle for what I don't want - but it's gonna take time and effort.

But! At least I'm living in green places, among people I love and like, and with interesting things around and about me. I have friends and am making friends, I have a full and interesting social life, and I take my advantages and run with them.

So! Overall: the State Of The Pico is Strong, and looking stronger all the time.

Strong especially because I now have a 175 max on the squat, and 205 on the deadlift, OHHH YEAAHHH.

So, overall: life is :D, and Pico is still truckin' :D

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I was going to say "attention: fixing in progress", but it just didn't have the same ring to it [10 Oct 2014|05:38pm]
I wanna fix my journal so it's not full of borked picture-links and white whiteness on white.

Attention: Awesome In Progress.

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dropping these here so I can look at 'em later without cluttering tabs :D [21 Sep 2014|08:52am]
sorry, kids! too busy to make a Proper Post right now! but here are two things that I dont' want to forget, so I'll drop 'em here and react later!


"Amatonormativity is “the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in the sense that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types”"



tomer-hanuka - an artist with interesting colors and lines

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The State of the Pico [24 Aug 2014|05:44pm]
[ mood | wharrgarbl ]

Kids, I realize a lot of my posts recently have been wharrgarbl posts. Sorry bout that, I know it's not too terrifically entertaining, and as we all know the reason Pico writes this LJ is to entertain the five people who still follow me, right?


In overall, though, I do want to reassure you kids: I'm mostly-overall fine. I do have to admit: Mood is striking a whole lot more often nowadays than it usually does, which I put down to my interest in/dating a new person. Nota Bene: I'm really quite very exceedingly interested :D Apparently my brain takes it cue from that to "oh hey, so if you're happy when he's around, that makes you unhappy when he's not around?" No, brain, fuck you. Fuck yuuuuu.

So apparently this kicks into Mood. I'mma be going to a new family doctor (new because until now I've been with our old doctor who's ... a pediatrician), and I'll be getting checked up and out and over and all that for all the important stuff, and I'll also have a chance to talk to him about Mood, its frequency and reasons, and so on. Which is good - despite I know this is a bit triggered by hormones, I also wanna to have this talked about with a professional.

Other half of things: the job search goes on, and is in fact ramping up. God, I want to be using my Chinese and my international knowledge and the stuff I'm interested in, instead of just floating on by on a job that, while I can do with a high level of competence, I am also tired of. But then of course there's waiting and rejections and all sorts of fun stuff.

Blah blah blah, Pico, stop complaining. Sorry, kids, my brain's focusing on two major things right now, and they're kind of taking over my attention.

So there's that. At least writing is working when it works? I like that. Wanna that to continue. Trying to continue that when I can. Whee.

TL;DR: Here is a summary of my current life in .gifs:

The way wharrgarbl affects me:

My flaily flaily flails:

When Mood happens:

Me keeping my emotions in check:

Moar flails:

Just everything in general:

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In Which Pico Tests The Limits Of Your Eyesight. You're Welcome! [04 Aug 2014|11:38pm]
Details didn't happen. Sorry, kids, them is the breakfasts!

BUT IT WAS STILL A REALLY GOOD DATE and I wanna go on more god what the fuck am I doing how do I even do this

.... if I could have a chance to anthropomorphize all these feelings I would do so, and then punch the shit out of them

...at least now they're mostly good feelings?

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a short filler post [03 Aug 2014|10:44pm]
too long, didn't write: IT WAS A GOOD DATE.

(details tomorrow!)

(...want to do my homework for me?)

various variouses: picolife, bullet form [11 Jul 2014|03:49pm]
See, I right here was justabout to make a long, thoughtful, and soul-searching entry, when I realized .... oh. It's Mood!Lite - the pre-period little-mood that I sometimes fall into for no reason other than hormones.

So I'll spare you the TMI and just focus on what really matters. And, because I've been in front of a screen almost consecutively from 9AM to 3 PM, I'mma do it in bullets:

+ writing is back :D I am so happy about this it is unbelieveable. I've got so many ideas, you guys! I've got so many ideas.

+ I am still teaching. no no, spare me the shock and surprise. I don't wanna dwell on it. it's a job. it gives me money. Not much, mind you, but I can squirrel most of it away.

+ still job-searching, too. that is a laugh and a half, I can tell you. maybe one day when I'm less inclined toward fantastical amounts of bitterness I'll tell you about it, but haha I can tell you now: today is not that day :D

+ I'm spending too much time on imgur. I'm trying to cut down on my computer time in general, and for the most part I'm succeeding - an hour after work, an hour before bed, bam. That should be all. But then imgur comes along and provides mindless easy lulz. Don't do it, Pico D:

+ I'm getting fitter, which pleases me. Still can't get past 90lb on the bench press, sonofabitch, but at least I'm up to a decent number of reps on lower weights. going to keep pushing. My eventual goal: benching my body weight +5, because that's a bar plus one forty-five on either side.

+ it is so goddamn beautiful where I live - discounting the heat and humidity - that I desperately do not want to go back to China to live now.

+ I'm trying another one of those speeddate things this Wednesday, this one international-themed. Haha? let's see how that pans out.

+ overall, and teaching aside, it's nice to be able to have a dependable schedule that doesn't make me work weekends. I like knowing when I have time, and that I'll never be deluged at the end of a semester (and if I am, it's never for longer than a day). I like this kind of life-rhythm, and I could certainly live with this kind of thing - workweek and weekend - for a bit.

+ Kinda want to continue my spanish learning. (all six weeks that I learned it in China ... didn't I LJ about that? No? later.) my school teaches lessons for teachers half-price - $180/month edit: the teacher price'd be $180/6wk TuTh, which is pretty reasonable. considering it.

+ experimenting with chinese cookery. trying out red-cooking this weekend! ( http://redcook.net/2008/01/18/hong-shao-rou-red-cooked-pork/ or http://thewoksoflife.com/2013/08/red-cooked-pork-hong-shao-rou-grandmas-version/ , alongside steamed-then-garlic-sauced Chinese broccoli, maybe egg-and-bitter-melon, and rice (possibly with extra fried rice for the boys' stomachs) .) we shall see if I can do it! (well, more like: we shall see if it tastes as delicious as I know it can be.)

.... yeah, muffin more to report here. Going to go off and clean my room now. (Oh yeah, that's one other thing I've been doing. It's working - I have more floor than I did, which is always nice.) feeling better already! (though that could be the fish oil at work. O Oil Of The Fishes, Thou Art Indeed Magniferous! Thenks :D)

peace out kids :D

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dream of 7.6.2014 [06 Jul 2014|09:48am]
dream under cut - action! adventure! totally a plot for a new book. Pico, why always new books?Collapse )

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