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Attention: Awesome in Progress

Always getting ready for the next big adventure.

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Pico the Great
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I need to get a proper profile up here - maybe one of those pretty images that puts everything in easy-to-digest boxes and looks all fancy and nice.

In the meantime:

I write speculative fiction. That's the easiest way to define it. I also speak several languages, travel lots, cook good stuff, draw okayly, like to make things, and walk for twelve hours at a time. I'm living in 哈尔滨 right now, and so I say stuff about it, sometimes, on here. I'm asexual, ADD, and a 老外 whether I like it or not (不是俄罗斯的啊!). I am also interested in everything, and I mean everything. Feel free to come around and talk about whatever, but don't be hatin' too loudly. Be cool.

So that's about it for now. Peace out, girl scouts!

Olinscarr is Love

writing is love
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My Journals:
('cause they're like potato chips: you can never just have one.)

pico_the_great: Home journal. Part public, part friends-locked. Daily life goes where?
olinscarr: Writing journal for my novels set nmariside. There are lots of them and they are fun. Fully f-locked, leave a comment on the first entry & friend to get added. Maybe.
chanticleery: Writing journal for Chanticleery, a novel or set of novels. Very much in the works; waiting for me to get around to reading Patrick O'Brien. Fully f-locked, leave a comment on the first entry & friend to maybe get added.
szavasvar_lako: My journal for szavasvar (see below). It has ads so I can have userpics & polls. Only used for posting; nothing exciting there. You'll want to go to szavasvar instead.
twaymain: Writing journal for Blue, my first Big Serious Book when I was wee and 14. It has gone through many drafts; I suspect it will go through some more before it sees the light of day. Almost wholly Private, but some fine day I might wander on over and start posting, to general amusement.
zhao_and_zula: Comm for fans of the Zhao/Azula pairing-ship-dealieo. Come join us. We don't bite. UPDATE: Slightly dead now, but ah, the life it once had! I guess it's kind of a squicky pairing, but that is rather the point. Feel free to revive the comm at your leisure!
is_a_verb_now: Comm for crossovers/dual works/borrowings/lendings/drunkwritings/complete and utter wtfery between Olinscarr (mine) & All Things Shining (boosette's). Ignore this place. It is very strange and will make no sense to the uninitiated. Hell, it barely makes sense to the initiated. Did I mention the drunk-writings?
szavasvar: Deceptively not actually a comm - actually a writing journal for my standalones & sundry things. This is a one-person comm; you can add & join & comment & see waht I'm up to, but you can't post.
olinscomm: Ah, yes, Olinscomm. A comm devoted to Olinscarr, this is where I post all sorts of goodies about nmariside. Full of world-building lovelies and all sorts of fascinating details such as who wears slippers indoors, why lanterns are important, and whether avocados and corn exist. Open to serious readers of Olinscarr, closed to the general public.

admiral zhao, adon sorrover, adon+visney=bffs, all things shining, alphonse mucha, anime, any mythology at all, asexual characters, asexuality, azula/zhao, being remarkable, birds, blame!, books, brandon sanderson, calendari, characters, chinese, cordwainer smith, cyberpunk, deviantart, diana wynne jones, dj smack daddy i.r.o.h., dracalian, drawing, earthsea, emma bull, eugenides, fable, fantasy, fiction, folktales, gaara, ged, ghymes, gilbert and sullivan, hamlet, having an unpronounceable name, having strong imagespam-fu, hiking, hold住, holmes, hungary, hyperion, idoru, kafka, kellerin, kellerin/landri, kermorvan, king of the wind, knives, landri, languages, lemon demon, loki, lord dunsany, magyarország, megan whalen turner, memlu/fire =/= otp, mercutio, millions knives, mucha, my nice little kindle, neuromancer, ninnost, norse mythology, not marvel loki ew, olinscarr, pan's labyrinth, pinlighting, playing with languages, qwan, reading, really now, rosto the piper, running, samuel vimes, sarcasm, scar, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sigyn, siptár, siptár ruhák, snazzy icons, sorrovers, stories, sweeney todd, tamora pierce, the city watch books, the english language, the firebird, the ironjust, the kafka museum, the queen's thief, trigun, trudi canavan, ursula k le guin, verbing weirds language, verbing words, visney fehr, war for the oaks, weightlifting, william gibson, winter of the world, worldbuilding, worlds, writing, zhuge liang, zula's hawt for zhao, 哈尔滨, 哈工大, 烤冷面

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